Rapid Exoproteome
Antigen Profiling (REAP)

is a molecular search engine to discover functional autoantibody reactivities that shape health and disease
Exoproteome for actionable reactivities
Autoantibodies that target extracellular and secreted proteins (collectively, the “exoproteome”) exert potent biological effects that shape health and disease. Prior to REAP, these reactivities were difficult to detect accurately at scale.

By focusing on the exoproteome, Seranova detects the most impactful autoantibody reactivites.
Correctly folded proteins for sensitivity
Genetic barcoding for scale


The most comprehensive dataset meets modern machine learning
Machine learning to discover
new causal relationships
Seravista uses state-of-the-art machine learning to unveil the latent associations between causal autoantibodies and clinical outcomes, resulting in the most promising therapeutic targets.

Seravista’s machine learning models are refined with data from every new patient, continuously improving our understanding of the role of different autoantibodies in disease.
High-quality data for actionable insights