Insight from autoantibody responses

Autoantibodies can provide immense insight into disease

Autoantibodies (antibodies that react with self antigens) play a major role in a wide range of diseases spanning autoimmunity, cancer, metabolic dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, and even neurological and neurodegenerative conditions. Though autoantibodies are commonly associated with adverse effects, they can also exhibit protective functions that are beneficial to patients. Autoantibodies, like genetic mutations, may explain a significant fraction of the clinical and phenotypic variation seen between individuals. Discovery of novel functional autoantibody responses in patients has the potential to provide insight into disease and therapeutic targets.

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Our Platform

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Conformational epitopes are the key to discovering functional autoantibody targets

Seranova Bio’s REAP platform was developed to detect autoantibodies that recognize “conformational” protein epitopes (i.e., three dimensional epitopes present when a protein is folded into its native state) which are recognized by up 90% of autoantibodies. Our platform includes over 3000 extracellular and secreted proteins to comprehensively characterize autoantibody responses in patients.



We are actively seeking partners from academia, biotech or pharma to develop companion diagnostics or therapeutics in autoimmune disease or other autoantibody driven diseases.

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